Backend-as-a-Service for developing robust & standardized API​

Instant APIs

MocoBaaS provides ready-to-use API for common functions such as user  authentication and accessing storage & database. The database API is available on both JSON-API and GraphQL. Developers are also allowed to write API for handling custom business logic.

Instant API offer standardized specifications with automatic documentation generator, authentication and security layers by default.

Empowering Developer

Accelerate API development in shortest cycle and boost your developers’ productivity. Developers could leverage existing Javascript Client SDK to build fully compliant web application. Other languages are supported via OpenAPI standard.

Ready to Scale

Built with stateless design and container-first approach, MocoBaaS is designed to achieve maximum performance & scalability. 

It scales easily on either private or public clouds, especially on cloud-native environment such as Kubernetes and Docker Swarm.